After founding your company, you will not only be provided with bookkeeping, but also with instructions during your business, as well as help in finding adequate partners. For foreign partners, our offer stands out on the market, you only need to have a desire to establish a company in Montenegro.

Our bookkeeping operates for you as part of Winners & Co We offer:

Administrative Services

We do all administrative and legal services for you. In cooperation with us various forms, requests, applications, and transactions with the bank are no longer a problem.With good advice you will save time and money.

Residence and work permits

Information for foreigners - temporary residence and work

A foreigner in Montenegro can work on the basis of a temporary residence and work permit or a certificate of registration of work. Depending on the purpose, this permit can be issued for: employment of foreigners, seasonal employment of foreigners, and work of an indtructed worker. It is necessary to enclose:

-proof of means of support 

 proof of accommodation provided

-proof of health insurance

-a photocopy of a valid travel document

-proof that in the country of origin the person has not been convicted of a criminal offense for more than 6 months

-a written offer of the employer for the employment of foreigners

-proof of the acquired level of education and qualification

-proof of registration of a legal entity or a natural person in Montenegro (excerpt from CREE)

-With the payment of appropriate fees, we submit a request for you to the Ministry of the Interior.

Business Software / Business Logistics

Through the application of information technology, this project enables the automation of all business processes from the establishment of a legal entity to management, expansion, and remote management.

In addition to our standard services, we also offer digital services such as:

The main goal provided all clients with the easiest and simplest way of realizing their business ideas in Montenegro.

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