Insurance of Motor Vehicles

Mandatory Liability Car Insurance

When registering a vehicle with us, you receive an AO policy that your vehicle is insured on the road.

Legaly, this is a mandatory insurance and its function is to protect the insured in case the damage is caused to a third party, so that the costs that would otherwise be paid by the insured will be paid by the insurance company.

With the AO policy, we also offer you Car Accident Insurance, which provides compensation for the driver and passengers in the event of a traffic accident.

Comprehensive Insurance

In addition to mandatory insurance (AO Policy), you can get the best offer for Comprehensive insurance with us. Comprehensive insurance policy provides complete protection in the events of any type of material damage to your vehicle in the country and abroad, as well as in the event of a vehicle disappearance. By consulting us, you can conclude Basic Comprehensive Insurance and Supplementary Comprehensive Insurance.

Green card

Mandatory insurance abroad is valid until the expiration of registration. It provides insurance protection for possible damages that can be caused to third parties in a traffic accident abroad.

In the Event of a Traffic Accident

It is enough to say that your vehicle is insured, show the insurance policy and avoid inconveniences in such cases.

In our agency you receive a European report on the traffic accident, which you fill in on the spot without calling the police, if minor material damage was caused to the vehicles.

A request for damage compensation is made to the insurance company where the vehicle of the driver responsible for the accident is insured.

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