Other services

Transfer of Ownership

The following is required to do in order to transfer ownership of a used car:

Make a purchase agreement (in our agency if you do not have an existing one)

Pay taxes in the Tax Administration

Change the vehicle registration certificate in the Ministry of the Interior

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Make a purchase agreement in our agency if you do not have an existing one. The presence of the old owner is mandatory!

Bring personal documents and a vehicle registration certificate.

After signing the contract, we finish everything for you in the Tax Administration. In 7 days time you will receive an entry on the basis of which the tax is paid.

Lost licence plates

It is necessary to make a statement to the Ministry of the Interior, bring a copy of your ID card, vehicle registration certificate and a copy of the policy. With the payment of the fees necessary, you get new license plates and a new vehicle registration certificate.

For obtaining an International Driver’s License you need:

  • ID card
  • 2 photos, passport size
  • A photocopy of a driver’s license, and original driver’s license for inspection
  • Fee payment on the spot
  • Passport

For obtaining a license to drive someone else's vehicle abroad, you need:

  • ID and the presence of the owner of the vehicle
  • Passport of the person who is using the vehicle abroad
  • Vehicle registration certificate – original i kopija.
  • For legal entities, it is necessary to do the user authorization on the memorandum.
  • Fee payment

Lost vehicle registration certificate

We take a certificate from the Official Journal of Lost Vehicle Registration Certificates for you. You need an old policy and a copy of your ID card. After paying the necessary fees, you will receive a new vehicle registration certificate shortly.

Other services

  • Submission of documentation required for registration to the authority
  • Taking the vehicle for a technical inspection
  • Taking the vehicle registration certificate for legal entities with authorization
  • Insurance your fleet.
  • Assessment and collection of possible damage
  • Purchase and sale of vehicles
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