Import and customs of vehicles

As a primary activity, our agency performs the service of registration of all types of motor vehicles.

By obtaining a license for representation before the customs authority, our service is completed. All you have to do is buy a vehicle, transport it to the Montenegrin border, and leave the rest to us. In the shortest time possible and in the most favorable way for the importer, we will perform the entire procedure of import and customs clearance, as well as the first registration of the vehicle.

In agreement with you, we can organize the transport of vehicles from abroad.

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Procedure for the purchase and import of vehicles from abroad:

  • 1. Purcahse. The purchase of a vehicle can be done between two natural persons, between a legal entity and a natural person, as well as between two legal entities. A natural person needs to verify the sales contract with the notary. A legal entity needs to enclose only the invoice.
  • 2. Transport. Imamo dva načina transporta vozila iz inostranstva. Vozilo se može dopremiti na prikolici odnosno kamionu. Drugi način je „na točkovima“ gdje je uslov da vozilo bude registrovano redovnim ili privremenim registracionim oznakama (Z00L).
  • 3. Import customs clearance. During import, the vehicle is reported to the customs authorities at the border when entering Montenegro. Based on that, the necessary documents are issued, and the owner of the vehicle is sent to the customs office where the final customs clearance is performed. The deadline for registering a customs escort is 24 hours.
Documentation required for vehicle import:
  • Authorization, if the vehicle is brought by another person
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Original receipt or a sales contract verified by a notary
  • Deregistration of vehicles from abroad
  • For vehicles manufactured and exported from the EU, an export declaration and an EUR.1 movement certificate for the application of customs benefits.
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